June 1, 2020


As a Latin American, you find yourself in the middle of cultures, being accustomed to things you don’t experience at home. Different cultural expectations mold part of what was once a Latin American based culture. The pink resembling one culture & the blue another, creating purple & the culture that we get molded into. The face of what we have to make up to fight off the focus of being defined by our ethnicity.

As times in our society have come down to being filled with injustice, we seek to hide within the shadows of the unknown. The fear of causing too much attention and being targeted leaves us to hide in the midst of the dark, never being able to fully expose ourselves and make a name for ourselves.


Bringing focus to

ourselves, our status, or the

color of our skin, often causes us

to reflect certain parts of ourselves. Setting them in front of us to put up a barrier against the focus of who we are. The marble represents those barriers set up, because before you notice anything you notice that marble. Before you question anything about the

model, you notice the perfections

& color differences that

the marble offers.

The Artist