June 10, 2020



You were neglected so often

Left in the ruins of your coffin

Abandoned but he sought to soften

The jagged edges you were trapped in

Why won't you let him just hold you

He doesn't care if his hands turn blue

From all the paint and disguise

You tried to cover your demise

You cannot see you're the prize

He's been pursuing all his life

Just stop and think about the fact

He loves you past all the paths

You tried to cover up your tracks

Or give yourself heart attacks

What's a puzzle with the pieces taken out

We're all bent and screwed up no doubt

But there's beauty in the mending of chaos

Stitched up, we see what we're made of

The world we live in is a fallen place; everywhere we turn there is chaos and tragedy. It becomes a shade on our sunglasses of life, but if we are willing to take them off, we are opened to a whole atmosphere of beauty.  Beauty through pain, beauty through suffering, and beauty through the journey of life.  My goal of poetry is to push you to take off your sunglasses and see the beauty in the mending of chaos.  Poetry helps me express myself by looking at the grand scheme, the ultimate masterpiece at work, and not just focusing on the small obstacles blocking my vision.  Poetry allows me to take off my sunglasses and see the world for what it is;                                                         a beautiful unfinished tapestry.